At Creative Talent Solutions we are a team of passionate HR professionals; Mentor and qualified Coaches, with more than 15 years of experience, having helped companies attract talent from zero to 500 plus. Together helping to build and put relevant strategies, policies and processes in place. 

We have worked with a number of different clients on an international level! We have helped implement people-based plans supporting the needs of the business, aligning it with the current company culture. 

Creative Talent Solutions passion is culture and ensuring people work together optimally to achieve the business vision. Always ensuring culture is at the top of the mind for new and existing employees, creating a culture of inclusiveness. We have built various teams in the gaming sector, for technology companies, Fintech including hospitality, Oil & Gas. 

We pride ourselves on listening and then being able to execute on the founders / business vision to attract and retain talent. Driven by people both in strategic and operational activities, overseeing activities across a variety of areas, such as HR, resource planning, technical recruitment, training and administration. In addition we have helped build training programs for leadership teams, employees alike based on the methodologies of using Coaching skills and the use of personality profiling tool’s such as Prism and Myers Briggs.

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