Talent and eSkills Consulting

Human Capital is a competitive edge in the global knowledge economy.

Top notch knowledge-based human capital is directly linked to economic growth. It is one of the most important public policies that any Government, development agency or social partner has to formulate and manage.

At Creative Talent Solutions we have over 10 years

experience in the formulation and execution of talent policy, programmes and projects. We have worked with Governments, European institutions, academia, social partners and industry players to challenge the status quo.

A policy does not result in change unless it is backed by a well-crafted and successfully managed programme or project/s. There are multiple sources of funding programmes that can be tapped into to realise the strategic policy direction. International, European, regional and local – these are the levels to expertly tap for funding opportunities. Partnerships or strategic alliances are another strategic source for resourcing – critical in Talent and eSkills policy development and implementation since no one player can realise effective reforms without partnering with the stakeholders.

Why are we different?

We have practical experience in the execution of successful Talent and eSkills policy, programmes and projects at a national level.

We have participated in cross-border projects that contribute to the development of local and European policy in the area of industry development and eSkills

We have excellent stakeholder-management capabilities garnered through noteworthy multi-stakeholder partnerships that have actually delivered change.

We are certified in Partnership Brokerage, and our network is world-wide.

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