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Red Carpet Calibre Recruitment

We offer a variety of Talent Sourcing models to meet our clients’ varied talent acquisition needs. We take pride in understanding well your talent needs – we can assess and help you develop workforce planning to attract, select, manage, reward and retain the right talent

Our models are proven – they work and deliver a number of tangible benefits.

Finding the right executive or specialist. True leaders or specialist gurus are hard to find. At Creative Talent Solutions we apply a sophisticated and sensitive approach to this dilemma. Our approach is based on rolling out the red carpet both for our corporate clients and our candidates. On the client side we go through a process of truly understanding our clients’ needs, followed by an in-depth understanding of the marketplace to source top talent.

We head hunt through the use of a series of tools and processes to attract evaluate and source top talent.

What is commonly referred to as RPO in the talent business, is a process whereby a company outsources all or part of its recruitment processes. The benefits of RPO is that it enables the business to continue focusing on its core business objectives.

At Creative Talent Solutions we are experts at managing the full life cycle of the recruitment process. Prior to the implementation of a tailored RPO model we offer an initial free business consultation, followed by an analysis of your HR practices to then recommend a sourcing strategy tailored to your needs. Once that is agreed, we manage the hiring plans, the vendors and keep you up-to-date on who’s who in your relevant talent market.

Our expertly managed RPO service provides you with performance-ready employees who make the greatest impact on your business.

Why are we different?

Creative Talent Solutions is committed to providing a confidential service and to building long-term relationships with companies and candidates.

Acting as an impartial agent between the client and the candidate, we will approach active and passive job-seekers.

We pride ourselves on discretion and we go out of our way to make both our clients and our candidates feel special through our red carpet treatment.

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