Our Empowerment Programmes

are tailor-made learning and developmental programmes for corporate clients. They are mainly aimed at addressing talent gaps, soft skills and performance improvements.

We work with corporate clients in identifying the competency areas and build customised learning opportunities. The base materials for our programmes are used internationally.

Our range of programmes are versatile

We can work on various clusters of competence, ranging from interpersonal, communication and intrapersonal; to cognitive, functional and leadership.

At Creative Talent Solutions, we firmly believe that such competencies are not acquired or improved through simple and traditional training. Learning does not occur in isolation, change does not happen following a couple of workshops. Our Empowerment Programmes offer a unique blend of coaching, practice and reflection. We accelerate the acquisition of competence through experiential learning supported by coaching.

Why are we different?

The emphasis in our Empowerment Programmes is to help trigger individuals to explore confidently the acquisition of improved behaviours, personality traits and skills.

Our courses are a unique blend of coaching and practice to truly deliver the change in competence.

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