Spain’s jobless women become the boss to beat the recession | World news | The Guardian

When it comes to finding a job in Europe, not all citizens are born equal. If you are Spanish you have a one in four chance of being unemployed, rising to one in two if you are young. And if you are a young woman inSpain? The odds of finding yourself among the ranks of the unemployed are even higher, at 54.7%. Now however, young Spanish women are finding their own solutions to the crisis, discovering an entrepreneurial streak that has resulted in a record 800,000 businesses being set up by women in the past five years.

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A Company Without Job Titles Will Still Have Hierarchies – Harrison Monarth – Harvard Business Review

Radically flat. That’s the management goal that Tony Hseih, founder of e-commerce giant Zappos, aims to achieve by the end of 2014. To get there, Hsieh plans to toss out the traditional corporate hierarchy by eliminating titles among his 1,500 employees that can lead to bottlenecks in decision-making. The end result: a holacracy centered around self-organizing teams who actively push the entire business forward.

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